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Jeffery Paul Hyder

As a kid you couldn’t get Jeffery Hyder to stop talking about his great “Grampa Gill” and his moonshine escapades with JW Dant in London Kentucky. Then in 1978, “Grampa Gill” passed away at 99 years old. In honor of him Larry, (Jeffery’s father) Jeffery and his other siblings, built their own alcohol contraption and brewed “something” from the huge supply of orange trees growing wild, hidden near the swamp on Lake Monroe Florida. While the results were questionable, the lore lived on. In 2009 Jeffery got serious into researching the family brew – after his wife suggested that if he brewed his own beer “it might save us some money”. Nearly a million dollars later, Jeffery started brewing the finest brews the family had ever tasted. This fine brewery, is a wee culmination of our heritage. We hope you enjoy it as we are.



Legendary micro brewery comes to DeLand Florida...

Andrew Jackson Mcgillanary Close Up

Founder Jeffery Paul Hyder contemplates a scottish heritage

“Me greats gransfather Andrew Jackson Macgillvery ran moonshine with J.W. Dant. He made the best whisky in the lowest valley of the highlands.

This brewery is a wee attempt to recover recipes from ah guttered and loved banjo playing Scotsman.”

– Jeffery Paul Hyder (with accent)

Meticulous attention to detail and full transparency

As brewers who demand quality beer, we follow strict recipes and fully disclose our non-GMO ingredient sources.


We proudly brew on a 6 BBL Braumeister system and our fermenters naturally capture and carbonate our beer at 22 LBS of pressure just like it’s been done for over 1000 years in the UK. We also insist on brewing with 100% European grain for a sweet, clean, full-bodied taste. 

“Brew a masterpiece and the people will know”. – Hyderhead Brewery

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